Why should I choose The Dog House?

The Dog House is as close to home as you can get for your dog! Our trained staff is on hand 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. In a traditional kennel environment your pet is housed in an individual run and left alone at least 12 hours per day. At The Dog House, our overnight guests participate in daycare during the day (at no additional cost) and then spend the evening with our staff in a home like environment. Your pet chooses a couch or a dog bed to settle down on and makes themselves at home! Instead of feeling guilty for leaving your pet, you can relax knowing that they are well cared for and having a blast!



What are the drop off times for daycare and boarding?

All pets must be dropped off prior to 1 PM each day. Our lobby opens at 7 AM on weekdays, and 9 AM on weekends. Please click here to view our calendar, which shows our modified lobby hours during holiday periods. Requiring all pets to be here before 1 PM ensures that all pets have time to acclimate to their surroundings and the other dogs prior to settling down for the evening. This makes a calmer, more relaxed evening for all pets and helps us to provide the best possible care.


What should I bring for my pet’s boarding stay?

All that is required for your pet’s stay is food and any applicable medications (with med forms). We ask that you provide your pet’s food in order to prevent upset stomach due to a sudden change in diet. Please bring your pet’s food separated into individual meals using plastic bags or containers. Please label each meal with the date for which it is intended and your pet’s first and last name (ex. Fido Smith Fri 02/22/13 AM). Any additional items such as canned food, cooked chicken, etc. should be labeled with your pet’s first and last name on the side. You may provide treats for your pet during his/her visit, but please, no rawhides.
The Dog House provides everything else needed for your pet’s stay (beds, food scoops, bowls, etc.). Please see our medication guidelines and complete a medication form for each medication (a new form must be provided for each visit). Each medication should be provided to us in a medication holder.