Doggie Daycare

The Dog House has 5 separate playrooms for tiny, small, medium, and large sized dogs. Dogs are assigned to the group for which they are best suited based on size, personality and temperament. Each playroom is climate controlled, comfortably furnished, equipped with toys and television, and connects to the backyard.

Our backyard measures nearly 30000 square feet and is available year round—weather permitting. Throughout the day, the dogs and our staff rotate between the interior and exterior play areas in frequent, irregular intervals. Dogs are never left alone and never exposed to hazardous weather!

Daycare is available Monday-Friday, 7am to 7pm and Saturday-Sunday 9am to 5pm.  

All pets must be dropped off prior to 1pm.  Please see our calendar for modified hours during holiday periods.

Cost: $23 per day, $225 per 10 visit package, $445 per 20 visit package, $660 per 30 visit package. Click HERE to purchase daycare packages online.