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Your Pet's Safety is Our Number One Priority

If your pet will require medications during his or her stay at The Dog House, please fill out a MEDICATION FORM.  This helps to ensure that all medication information is 100% correct in our system.

Medication Process

Step 1: Complete One Form for Each Medication
Please use one form for each medication your pet requires. Just fill it out, print it off, and bring it in (or email it to us at!  

Forms may also be filled out in our lobby, but feel free to do it ahead of time to speed up your check in process.

A new form is required for each boarding stay, which allows us to be sure to have the most up to date information.
Step 2: Provide Meds in a Medication Holder
All medications should be provided to us in a medication holder (like this one).  

The proper dosage should be supplied and separated into each day's compartment.

Please do not double up multiple doses in the same compartment.

Provide enough holders for the length of your pet's stay, with AM/PM compartments if applicable.
Information of Note:
Medications cannot be accepted already mixed with your pet's food.  

Liquids, drops, ointments, and powders do not require a medication holder, but a medication form must still be submitted. These items should be well labeled with your pet's first and last name.

 If you do not have a medication holder, they may be purchased from our lobby.
Quality Pet Care

We believe giving your pet its necessary medication is just part of quality pet care!

The Dog House does not charge for the administration of most medications*. Providing us with the most specific instructions possible allows us to provide the best care possible!

*injectable medications do incur additional fees and require management pre-approval

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