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Pool Time

Doggie Swimming Pool

Every summer, we open the doggie swimming pool!​ Our pool is 25 in. deep, 18 ft. wide, and 20 ft. long-the perfect depth for all dogs, whether they want to wade and cool off or go for an all out swim!  The more shallow depth allows for a longer pool playtime, allowing each dog to swim, run, fetch, and wrestle in the water as long as they'd like.  

​If your dog is a wader not a deep water swimmer, we offer free access to kiddie pools, misters, and splash pads to keep everybody cool on warm summer days.

Pool Time

Cost: $7.00 for group pool time; $13 for solo pool time.​
  • Please note that the pool time charge will be assessed regardless of how long your pet chooses to participate in pool time. Our staff will do all they can to encourage your dog to play and have fun in the pool!

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